Fundraising Info

Nick’s fundraising program is designed to make your fundraising efforts fun, easy, risk free, and profitable. Since 1969, groups and organizations just like yours have been using this program to generate profits while providing their friends and neighbors with high quality wreaths and garland. The success of the program and the profits are up to you.

Here are the most asked questions:

Where does your company get your greens?
Our greens are fresh Colorado, Wisconsin and Montanna evergreens harvested by trimming trees that are farmed for commercial use. This trimming keeps the trees and ecosystem in the area healthy. We do not use old growth trees, nor do we cut trees down.

Is there a minimum order requirement?
There is a $800 minimum. If this is your first year and don’t reach the minimum, we will work with you.

You sell many sizes of wreaths. Do we have to offer all sizes for sale?
No. We suggest keeping it fairly simple to maximize your profits. We can suggest the best sellers.

How much is shipping?
Prices are FOB our factory. For a nominal fee we can deliver in the metro Denver area or surrounding areas. Greenery can be picked up at our factory and sometimes we ship common carrier.

How much do we charge our customers?
Your group determines the prices you are going to charge for the greenery. The cost to your group is set, whatever our group charges over and above that cost is your profit. This gives your group the opportunity to decide what profit margin will work for you, in addition to making sure the prices you charge work in your community. Typical mark up is 100%.

Is there a set time frame for the program?
Yes. Orders should be placed 10 to 12 days prior to delivery or pick up. Most groups disperse their greenery within 2 to 10 days after Thanksgiving. Most groups typically sell their greenery the month of October into November.

Should we keep track of customer contact information?
Yes. We suggest making a spreadsheet on your computer or by hand to keep track of who was sold to and their address, phone number, and even email address. This not only makes it easier for the person running the program to organize the distribution of the products, it also makes it easier to build up your comer base year after year. You will often find you have return customer. If you already have their contact information at your fingertips, you can easily contact these customers for repeat sales. This frees up the sellers’ time for making sales with new customers.

How do we run this fundraiser?
Once the group has made the decision to do a greenery fundraiser, your group is ready to start organizing their drive. Here is a basic outline of the steps your group will need to take to make this fundraising drive work.

  1. Pick a time frame to run the drive. Typically the group takes pre-orders during the months October and November.

  2. Once the group puts together their sales materials, review the basics or your drive with the sellers and set goals for the sellers. Some groups pass out an informational sheet to each other.

  3. Prepare for your drive by passing out the sales materials to each seller and then at the kick off, send them out to sell, sell, sell!

  4. Make sure everyone is aware of the deadline for turning orders into the group. We suggest setting your deadline a few days ahead before turning your orders into Nick’s. This gives you a few days to organize and also allows for straggling orders.

  5. Compile your orders and turn in your final orders to Nick’s by the chosen deadline.

  6. Give your group a reminder when the time frame for delivery approaches.

  7. Once your greenery arrives or when you pick them up, double check your order to make sure you have received the appropriate amount. We also recommend that you distribute the greenery within 1-2 days. Always keep greenery in a cool or cold shaded place if you are not going to distribute them right away.

  8. Once your greens are distributed, your group has finished their drive with Nick’s fundraising program. Payment is made to Nick’s upon pick up or delivery.

    Please contact us at (303) 287-8253 to receive a free wholesale catalog.

Make the most of your fundraising efforts:

  • Plant your fundraising activity well in advance. The more time the better. Spring is not too early to start thinking about an evergreen sale for the following holiday season, especially if you’re new to the program.
  • Select a leader. A group member with solid motivational and organizational skills is the best candidate to set up and run a successful sales drive.
  • For big profits, secure a business buying partner. Businesses look for holiday gifts that are unique, reasonably priced and easily purchased in multiple numbers. This makes them an ideal partner for your fundraising efforts.
  • Organize your sales drive as early as possible. Prepare “New customer” and “Repeat customer” phone lists now. Allow group members the time they need to take advance orders.
  • Sell a balanced mix of products. There is more profit potential in selling a variety of evergreen items because customers may be inspired to purchase more than one. We suggest two sizes of wreathes and one size of garland.
  • The telephone can be a great sales tool. Generating sales by phone is a good way to save time and legwork. It you’re new to the program, focus your phone efforts on friends, relative, business colleagues and neighbors. Save all sales generated by phone for future reference.
  • Divide up your sales area. Give each group member a geographic area to cover to avoid overlap. Every home is a potential customer. Have your members report all the sales call they make so that missed homes can be re-contacted.

Advertise your event!

  • Chances are, people in the community are more than willing to help your organization succeed. They key is awareness. Bulletin boards, newsletters, mailing lists and announcements at gatherings are all terrific to spread the word and generate interest as well as advanced orders.
  • Develop creative ways to motivate your people. Putting the “fun” in fundraising is one of your biggest challenges, especially if you’re working with kids. Spend some time brainstorming affordable, easy to implement rewards for top sales people. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Organize and retain fundraising information. Creating a customer spreadsheet will help tremendously with your ongoing fundraising needs. Keep in mind that past customers are usually repeat customers. Maintaining a current spreadsheet is an easy and effective way to reach them.

Here’s a sample letter used by a church:

Dear Members,

The holidays are fast approaching and we wanted to let you know that to raise money for our Families in Need fund drive, we will be selling fresh evergreen wreaths and garland.

Choose from freshly decorated wreaths and garland. All are reasonably priced and will benefit this worthy cause. Place your order now and the evergreens will arrive fresh and fragrant in time for the season’s festivities.

Thank you for your support!

Please contact ________________________ to place your orders today. And remember, holiday greens make great gifts for business associates and friends.

Nick’s Evergreens has helped groups just like yours raise much needed funds!

We at Nick’s have been working with non-profit groups for over 30 years. Along the way, we’ve learned a few things that might help you fundraising efforts. In a typical year, we manufacture over 25,000 wreaths and garlands. One of the keys to fundraising is maximizing your efforts. Many groups elect to do two or three smaller fundraising events every year, while others choose to organize their time and energy around a single program that will yield higher earning. Nick’s evergreen program is jut that. It’s an effective, no-risk, high profitable way for your group to raise money.


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